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V. Trevisan

Riccardo Bocci

directed by Valerio Vittorio Garaffa
assistant director Chiara Cimmino Sander


Oscillazioni is a work that describes the feeling of not belonging that exists among individuals in our society. 

The text was published in 2006 by Einaudi, and the playwright Vitaliano Trevisan has entrusted it to the director Valerio Vittorio Garaffa and to the actor Riccardo Bocci of TEATRO DEL DISÌO.
Oscillazioni is a work that investigates the feeling of alienation that one can experience towards  the values of one’s society, towards one’s loved ones,  and even towards one’s own desires.

The story deals with a fiercely solitary man who questions whether or not to return home to a family with whom he has never lived. The premise revealed is one where the malaise of an individual is not distinguishable from the malaise of an entire society, building up to a sense of tragedy that becomes grotesque, almost out of necessity.


The show proposes a contemporary access point into tragedy.
Oscillazioni is a play made up of darkness and shadows, that gives voice to a reflection that is at the same time lucid and confused, by a character who confronts himself, with a sense of the tragic that leads to the tragicomic.

The impossibility of happiness is no longer, as it was in the ancient Greek theatre, caused by an external element such as Fate or the whims of the gods, but it is caused by something that is inevitably inside ourselves.