TEATRO DEL DISÌO is an Italian theatre company born from the urgency to create a distinct and personal voice connected to the past but aimed at the future. The company’s mission is to lead actors and audiences in a journey of rediscovery to a new appreciation of theatre and Italian poetry.

To achieve it, their work is based on an ongoing search for the pure actor's method, ideally reconnecting with the great Italian theatrical traditions: the Commedia dell’Arte of Italian acting troupes of the 16th century, which made use of masks and poetic language; the Maestro Orazio Costa’s Italian Acting method called ‘Metodo Mimico’; Lectura Dantis; the phenomenon of the ‘Grande Attore’ of the 19th century.
The company’s mission has found its home with audiences throughout Italian theaters, universities, schools, libraries and cultural associations (Rome, Genoa, Florence, Milan and others).

Since 2011, Valerio Vittorio Garaffa and Chiara Cimmino Sander have held acting classes and workshops on Commedia dell’Arte and Masks, Greek Tragedy, Italian Theatre (Ariosto, Machiavelli, Alberti, Alfieri...), Dante’s ‘Divina Commedia’. In 2013 “Cymbeline” was selected for the 9th edition of the “Festival dell’Incanto – Roddi” (Piemonte, Italy). In 2015 they won First Prize of the "Premio Mazzella", a nationally recognized Award for Best Writing in Schools, with the play “Interplanet”. They were awarded a Medal by the President of Italy, Sergio Mattarella.

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Valerio Vittorio Garaffa

is a theatre director, an actor and an acting teacher. After his graduation from the prestigious Paolo Grassi Acting School (Milan, Italy), he was selected to work with Maestro Luca Ronconi at the illustrious ‘Centro Teatrale Santa Cristina’. He studied Italian Poetry and Lectura Dantis with Paolo Giuranna and he focused on Maestro Orazio Costa's 'Metodo Mimico' with Alessandra Niccolini. He acted in “Odissea, doppio ritorno” (B. Strauss) directed by Luca Ronconi, “Benvenuti in California” (F. Angeli) directed by Marco Plini, "A midsummer night's dream" (W. Shakespeare) directed by Alessandro Fabrizi, and other shows. He directed “Oscillazioni” (Vitaliano Trevisan), "Cymbeline" (W. Shakespeare), "Bacchae" (Euripides), "Don Quixote". In 2015, after having led his students in writing the play "Interplanet" and then having directed it on stage, he was awarded First Prize in the prestigious "Premio Mazzella", the Italian National Award for Best Writing in Schools. Since 2011, he and his collaborator Chiara Cimmino Sander have held acting classes and theatre workshops.

Chiara Cimmino Sander

is an actress and an acting teacher. Upon graduating from the prestigious Paolo Grassi Acting School (Milan, Italy), she quickly began to work in Film (as "The Great Dream", Michele Placido), TV (as "Rossella", RAI TV movie) and Theatre (classic theatre as Goldoni, Ostrovskij, Muller, Cechov, Marivaux, Shakespeare; contemporary theatre, comedies and children theatre). In 2005 she received a honorable mention as 'Best Actress in a Supporting Role' during Palio Teatrale, the theater competition in Chiavari (Italy); in 2007 she acted in“King Ubu" (A. Jarry), directed by L. Facchinelli, that was awarded in international theater festival 'Fantasio Piccoli' (Trento, Italy); she played the lead role of N. Gharbi's movie “Rimbalzello”, that won the Special Jury Prize at the 2014 Maazzeni Film Festival (Sicily, Italy). Since 2011, she and her collaborator Valerio Vittorio Garaffa have held acting classes and theatre workshops.